“There are a number of individuals who can run their own mortgage companies, but we’re fortunate enough that our employees have chosen to lead with us,” states Jodi Hall, President of Nationwide Mortgage Bankers (“NMB”).

Jodi’s vision is to build a different type of mortgage company rooted in culture and powered by technology. She utilizes 20+ years of leadership experience to establish short and long-term goals, oversees strategic planning, assures operational efficiency, and champions organization-wide projects.

The road to NMB’s presidency has not been direct for Jodi, but rather a road filled with strides forward, steps backward, and ultimately giant leaps ahead of the competition. Jodi has made herself an expert in the industry across multiple roles, was named in MPA’s Elite Women for 2021 and has led the charge as President of NMB, the Fastest Growing Mortgage Company in America per Inc 5000, since 2019.

On Tuesday, January 18th, 2022, Mortgage Professional America released an article on Jodi to give more perspective on her success leading NMB.

Richard Torne, US News Editor for Mortgage Professional America, states “(Jodi’s) formative years may have helped to shape her outlook. Nonetheless, the ability to think on one’s feet and to adapt to changing circumstances have always been highly desirable skills to have, perhaps now more than ever, given that the outlook on the housing market is less certain than it was before the Federal Reserve announced its intention to raise interest rates this year and the next.”

Read Torne’s article, “How to steer a company to the top in three years” and learn more about Jodi’s experience, what the “secret sauce” is to NMB’s success recipe, the direction she sees the housing market, and what rising mortgage interest rates will have on borrowers.


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