We received a way better deal/APR and lower closing costs from another lender and we wouldnt have to buy down as much points. It wasn’t until we tried to leave NWB that they came to us with a more competitive offer. Also there was quite a bit of nagging, to where began to recognize the number. a reminder is ok every once in a while. But I think an email, plus a voicemail + a text is a little excessive. NWMB should understand that obtaining a house is the buyers top priority, as well as the job funding the purchase. If certain items requested cannot be requested the day of or the day after and the client is informed that it is needed. It is not needed to contact the potential buyer everyday. It doesnt make them move faster, it just makes them more annoyed. Also in the health care field it is unpleasant to try to force someone to take a day off without advance notice in order to complete a closing when the closing date is already set for an appropriate date for all parties to attend. A lot of it wasnt okay. I wasnt going to write this review because a lot of things were so not okay. Yes the dream of a house was achieved but I will not be going using this route again.