Financial technology is bringing the future of commerce, and Nationwide Mortgage Bankers is coming in from the ground floor with the launch of our DBA FasterFi.

Western Digital’s Thomas Ebrahimi discusses the next stages of commerce and data security in the article Why Securing Fintech Data is Vital for Commerce with NMB’s Chief Technology Officer Brett Bivenour. Western Digital’s article helps shed light on questions about FinTech data security and the next stage of commerce.

In the interview, Brett Bivenour goes into the nuances of his role as CTO of Nationwide Mortgage Bankers and his relationship to data, technology, and security and how it ties into the launch of FasterFi.

Brett Bivenour states, “Trust and security are so tied together. Trust has always been important in the banking industry, and financial data is some of the most personal information in someone’s life.” He adds, “Protecting the consumer is the most important aspect of my job. Institutions big and small must remember that trust and security go hand in hand.”

Brett believes that technology is key to delivering a better experience for our employees and the borrowers they serve. He utilizes 12+ years of leadership experience to provide oversight, strategy, and leadership for all technology functions, including cybersecurity, IT, business systems, data & analytics for the Fastest Growing Mortgage Company in America, per Inc 5000.

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Why Securing Fintech Data is Vital for Commerce

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