Rob Jayne Shines on the HousingWire Podcast: Supporting Real Estate Agents in a Challenging Market

On the latest episode of the HousingWire Podcast, Rob Jayne, Chief Production Officer at Nationwide Mortgage Bankers, shares his invaluable insights on helping veterans and first-time homebuyers achieve their dreams of homeownership. He discusses innovative strategies and programs for veterans, key tips and resources for first-time homebuyers, and how Nationwide Mortgage Bankers is making a difference in the mortgage industry.

In the podcast, Rob delves into the current challenges faced by real estate agents. He discusses how it’s a compressed market with agents dealing with potential changes in their practices, some of which are still uncertain. Rob explains that the key to supporting real estate agents lies in providing them with the right tools and resources to help grow their business.

“They’re dealing with a lot of potential changes in their practices too, right? Some of that we don’t know yet, but they’re looking. As a lender, you’re facing some of those same market challenges.

So how do you support your real estate partners right now?”

Rob explains that the key to supporting real estate agents lies in providing them with the right tools and resources to help grow their business.

Innovative Solutions to Market Challenges

He shares a story about an agent who had difficulty selling two houses that had been on the market for over six months. Rob suggested co-hosting an open house and bringing in a licensed home improvement contractor to provide samples of cabinetry, flooring, and other renovations, including before-and-after photos.

“In 30 days, both houses were in contract. This is a perfect example of being educated and being able to provide that education to our real estate community. To me, it’s tremendous and invaluable.”

Education as a Key Advantage

Rob emphasizes the importance of education in the mortgage industry, not only for real estate professionals but also for loan officers. “A lot of people out there do not understand the functionality of these products and what they can or cannot qualify for. So that’s been a big advantage for us. But again, giving them the tools and the resources to help them sustain or grow their business in this challenging market is crucial,” Rob notes.

“One of the things that I’ve noticed over the years is a tremendous lack of education. We could have all the best products, but if a real estate professional doesn’t understand the functionality of those products, it’s very difficult.”

He highlights the need to stay ahead of industry changes and adapt marketing efforts accordingly.

“For every negative, there’s two positives. If you start gearing your business mind to what’s going on out in the market, you can find tremendous opportunities.”

Rob points out that awareness of different programs can make a significant difference. “If you as a real estate agent aren’t aware of all the different programs that can help things be more affordable, you’re really missing out.”

He gives an example of how education on loan products can benefit clients. “We had a client who qualified for a 7.5% with a 7.79% APR, but we found another product that offered a 1.5% better interest rate. It’s not just the education on the real estate professionals, but more importantly, the education part on the loan officers. That’s where we come into play.”

By staying educated and adapting to the market’s needs, Nationwide Mortgage Bankers can better support their real estate partners and help them navigate these challenging times.

Tune in to the HousingWire Podcast to hear more from Rob Jayne and discover how Nationwide Mortgage Bankers is making a positive impact in the mortgage industry!

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