We’ve ended 2019 with Pride (and a Spot on the Inc. 5000 List of the Fastest-Growing Companies in America)

We recently had the great honor of achieving a high rank among other noteworthy organizations on a prestigious corporate list. In Inc.’s annual ranking of the top companies in the nation, we ranked 51st out of 5,000 emerging organizations. Of the numerous organizations in the Financial Services sector that appeared on the list, we appeared third, a fact that we are incredibly proud of.
The way Inc. determines which companies are growing more rapidly than others is through looking into percentage revenue growth. To qualify, organizations need to have been founded and creating revenue by March 31, 2015, U.S.-based, privately held, independent (rather than subsidiaries of other companies) and for-profit. According to Inc.’s findings, NMB has grown 5,450% from 2015 to the end of 2018.

2019 has been a busy yet fulfilling year for NMB. First, we announced the launch of Americasa, our Spanish language mortgage platform aimed at educating the Spanish-speaking population on the nuances of homeownership and loan borrowing. Recent findings from the U.S. Census Bureau found that 41 million people in the United States speak Spanish at home, making it the second most common spoken language in the country. To accommodate and empower this large population of Americans, we’ve provided informative articles and helpful resources in Spanish.

Then we announced our flagship digital lending product, NMBNOW, which aims at giving borrowers a streamlined experience during each stage of the lending process. NMBNOW uses a one-time pull feature to record and download all necessary account statements from our borrowers’ online banks. This makes the processes of asset collection and the itemization of deposits, gifts, checking and savings easier and faster than ever. In short, NMBNOW simplifies the mortgage process for both borrowers and loan officers.

Additionally, we had quite a year of hiring in 2019, bringing on more mortgage loan officers, corporate professionals and executives. We even opened a new office in Independence, Ohio, a smaller city located near Cleveland. Along with dozens of new employees that joined our Independence office, we welcomed new president Jodi Hall to run things. As if this wasn’t enough excitement, we were fortunate to invite our new spokesperson, Bernie Williams, a former center fielder for the New York Yankees.

Although we’ve had our share of new developments in 2019 and throughout the decade, we’re optimistic for the future of Nationwide Mortgage Bankers. We hope 2020 will be the best year yet for our borrowers and the business as a whole.

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